Lullaby for Voice and Viola

2008 | text by the composer | Commissioned by Mockingbird Trio | 2 minutes 30 seconds

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There was once an hour that forgot the day,
and the clouds were blue and the sky was gray.

Beyond the sun and moon and stars above,
all day that hour of life, it lived for love.

Forgotten by the hour, a day denied,
turning away from light, the sun had died
(and the moon wept, and stars, they cried).

There was once a day that forgot the night,
and the stars grew dark and the sky was bright.

— Howard Frazin (January 2008)

Past Performances

Rivers Conservatory 35th Annual Seminar on Contemporary Music

Bradley Hall
Weston, MA
April 7, 2013

Marissa Birne, soprano
Oliver Dodd, viola

Words & Music

The Lyceum
Alexandria, VA
May 29, 2011

Jennifer Beattie, mezzo-soprano
Brian David Jones, clarinet

CSU Summer Arts Series

Fresno State University
Conley Hall
Fresno, CA
July 20, 2008

Ann Moss, soprano
Kurt Rohde, viola

Longy Composition Faculty Showcase

Pickman Hall
Cambridge, MA
February 19, 2008

Elizabeth Anker, contralto
Kristen Swanson, viola

Alea III (Premiere)

Boston University
Tsai Performance Center
Boston, MA
February 6, 2008

Elizabeth Anker, contralto
Scott Woolweaver, viola