Chamber Music


String Quartet No. 1

2017 | 19 min
Premiered by Arneis Quartet


for String Sextet
2013 | 7 min 30 seconds
Commissioned by the Rivers School Conservatory Seminar on Contemporary Music

In Spring

for String Quartet
2011 | 6 min
Commissioned by Alexander Levine for the Lydian String Quartet

An Unexpected Encounter

for String Quintet
2010 | 5 min 30 seconds
Commissioned by A Far Cry

Strings with Piano

Piano Trio No. 2

for Violin, Cello, and Piano
2015 | 19 min 30 seconds
Commissioned by the Rivers School Conservatory for Triple Helix

Some Thoughts on Good and Evil

for Violin, Cello, and Piano
2009 | 17 min
Commissioned by Joan Margot Smith by the Claremont Trio

Family – Rated R

for Piano Quintet
1999 | 13 min 30 seconds

Winds and Brass


for B-flat Clarinet, Bassoon, and Piano
2016 | 5 min
Commissioned by Nicholas Davies


for Brass Quintet
2008 | 6 min
Premiered by Triton Brass

Amelia’s Lullaby

for Two Tubas
2007 | 2 min 30 seconds

Child’s Play

for Saxophone Quartet
2006 | 6 min
Commissioned by the Fromm Foundation and Composers in Red Sneakers

Blue Circles

for Woodwind Quintet
2001 | 4 min
Commissioned by Vento Chiaro

Mixed Ensemble

Party Peekaboo

for Flute, Violin, Viola, Cello, and Vibraphone
2014 | 3 min
Short film setting commissioned by Rockport Music for Classical Jam

The Jester, the Artist, and the Little Lion

for Alto Saxophone (or Clarinet), Cello, and Piano
2005 | 16 min
Commissioned by World-Wide Concurrent Premieres, Inc.